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Who are we?

Offline  meeting point filled with culture and inspirational vibes, a creative,  stress-free space, an oasis which is both children- and dogfriendly, a  hotspot. All this a few minutes' walk from the Parialment, in a historical  building, where coffee has been brewed since 1902.

History of grand cafés

In the  early 1900s of Budapest, iconic grand cafés hosted many of the most  well-known writers, poets, and actors. Where they set foot, beautiful women  showed up, followed in turn by wealthy men. That's how the 20th century Grand  Cafés became meeting points one couldn't miss, where people exchanged  information, lived their social lives, and read their newspapers. Grand cafés  soon became a space of arts, where modern democracy was cultivated.


The  Strausz family opened Szabadság Grand Café in 1902. The café's name, meaning  'Freedom', was meant to pay respect to the freedom fighters of 1848-49. The  newly established café soon became popular among the intellectuals of  Budapest, including one of the greatest poets of his time, Endre Ady.  Szabadság Grand Café managed to live through the great turmoils of the 20th  century and the change of regime without switching it's core function.

Our  mantras

Our  mission was to create a place that resembles the old time's civic lifestyle  in its spaces,ambience, gestures and pace, while adapting the  convenience and tastes of today. The name "Szabadság" (Freedom)  refers to an intellectual, creative freedom which is symbolized by the bird  in our logo. The new concept's aim is to bring back the old times' grand café  vibes by having literary events, live music and contemporary literature  recommendations.


We  respect each other. We use kind words and never forget to say please and  thank you. We work hard, tell the truth and keep our promises. Sometimes we  make mistakes.  We always apologize and  forgive. We love.